‘Getting there’ is a blog about bumbling through life with a lot of big intentions but coming up a little bit short at times.

This site aims to inject a bit of humour into figuring out this thing called life we all have in common. I want to show people (and sometimes myself) that just because things might not be going your way now, what’s for you wont go by you and very little people know exactly what it is they want to do with their life upon exiting the womb. If they tell you otherwise, it’s a lie.

I do want to emphasise that I am not an expert, nor do I claim to have superior knowledge about the ins and outs of building a career. In fact, I have next to none. This is just one persons experience of ‘getting there’ slowly, but with a lot of good intent.

Side note: I’m also using this site to publish any writing that I do for myself or for other sites, just to prove that stressing out about how much cheese I’ve eaten isn’t all that I do with my time.